Hello! Let me capture your day..

Beautiful pictures have fascinated me since childhood. I collected picture calendars and spent hours staring at the photographs. In December of 2008 I finally bought my first SLR (a Nikon D60). After spending hours with it I realised it is not as easy as using a compact camera at a birthday party and knew I will need some help.

Early in 2009 I started attending short courses at the Vega School of Photography in Pretoria. Very quickly I got addicted and found myself doing more and more courses as I was hungry to learn us much as I can. I developed a taste for photographing people and artistic pictures as you have more freedom to break the rules and explore your creative side.

I decided I want to become a function and portrait photographer. In specialising in functions like weddings and National Days for Embassies I get to capture your moment and create memories for you. When doing portraits I also prefer to do it outside a studio as it gives you more freedom to express yourself creatively and it also gives opportunity to capture you where you are most comfortable.

Let me capture your day, and you will have one less thing to worry about so you can enjoy the day with your friends and family, it is after all YOUR day!

I look forward to making your special day last forever.






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Meet the Fertographer

The personal touch is a very important aspect of my work. Meeting over a cup of coffee to see if you need one of my set packages or something tailored for your personal needs; is what I do.


Ferdie du Toit